About us

The Smart Sustainable Cities Centre of Expertise provides a platform where people from the business world and from institutes of knowledge can join HU University of Applied Sciences to develop innovative products and services that will bring smart, sustainable and healthy cities a step closer. Students, businesses, lecturers and researchers work together in projects in order to apply the latest knowledge and insight.

The Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities lies its focus on entrepreneurs and employees from companies, professionals of today and of the future, as well as locally active policy makers, residents and business owners.

Centers of Expertise form a link between professional education and the leading economic sectors. They offer a platform where businesses can work with researchers, students and lecturers in higher vocational education to develop innovations for professional practice. In this way, a CoE is developing into a center of top-level knowledge and technology.

We believe that people should be able to live together in a healthy and safe way in the sustainable and smart city. We are working on solutions for the complex issues involved.

We do this by connecting organizations, research and education, and enabling them to learn how to deal with issues in their complex reality. In doing so, the boundaries of disciplines and sectors are challenged to come up with useful solutions, where the route to it is part of the solution.


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