Summer Course Smart Sustainable Cities

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What does the city of the future look like? Since the beginning of the 21st Century the majority of the world population lives in an urban area. The Utrecht Summer School Smart Sustainable Cities discusses how to boost the sustainable development of cities.

Cities are the attractive places where more and more people want to live, work and relax. Cities are increasingly becoming the ‘engine of our economy’; cities are the creative spots where you can develop yourself; and cities offer art, entertainment, and culture.

However, there are also important challenges for the cities of the future. How do we solve problems related to clean air, safety, energy, mobility and waste in the city? How do we ensure that new innovative business will provide sufficient employment in the city? How do we ensure inclusiveness, participation and tolerance in the city? How can we solve this in a smart way, for example with the help of ICT? These questions challenge us to develop integrated sustainable solutions for economic, social and environmental problems. The future of humankind depends to a great extent on whether we will be able to boost the sustainable development of cities. In de Summer Course we will dive into these several highly relevant themes and also innovation, inclusiveness, participation and smart solutions to these issues.

Are you concerned and interested in possible solutions? Click here and sign up for this great summer course on Smart Sustainable Cities!

For more information about the Summer Course, please contact Evert-Jan Velzing


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